The Postman VS Code Extension Is Finally Here!

A few years ago, I created my most popular YouTube video of all time about moving away from Postman in lieu of an extension in VS Code. I wanted to test APIs from inside of VS Code, but Postman didn’t yet have an extension. After a few years, though things have changed!

The VS Code Postman Extension is finally here!


Postman listing in VS Code markplace

In short, the Postman extension has high feature-parity with the existing desktop application. The really neat thing is that I believe they are able to re-use a lot of the existing desktop code for the extension.

So far, all of the features I tried worked exactly how I would expect in comparison to the desktop app. In addition to testing basic API requests, I tried out a few other things:

  • collections: “link related API elements together for easy editing, sharing, testing, and reuse”
  • environments: “group related sets of values together and manage access to shared Postman data if you are working as part of a team”
  • code generation: “convert an API request into a code snippet, and you can choose the programming language or framework”

So, if you’re interested in testing your APIs from within VS Code, check out the new extension!

For a hands-on look, check out the full video on YouTube: The Postman VS Code Extension Is FINALLY HERE!!