James Q Quick

Developer. Speaker. Teacher.

Hi! I'm James.

I'm a Fullstack Web Developer who is addicted to learning and loves working with people. I live by the motto Learn Build Teach, so I’m excited to share the things I learn with you!

I create videos on YouTube

With hundreds of videos and over 10,000 subscribers, I've been creating YouTube videos for about 7 years. I create weekly videos on Web Development, Design, and Developer Tools.

I create awesome courses

Over the last couple of years, I've created courses on VS Code, Web Development basics, Node.js, React.js, and more. I love being able to put the things I've learned into a package for others to learn from. My goal is to put in the long hard hours so you don't have to!

I live stream on Twitch

Live Streaming is the new hotness in the developer communitty, and I've definitely jumped on board. I love having live interaction with viewers while writing code. Come hang out with me in a live stream!

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