James Q Quick

Developer. Speaker. Teacher.

I’m a Full-Stack Web Developer who is addicted to learning and loves working with people. I speak at community events, participate in Hackathons, and build continuously.

I also create Web Development content at Learn Build Teach.


I started teaching myself Web Development in 2016 through YouTube and Udemy. I'm now a Lead Web Developer and Application Architect focusing on JavaScript Frameworks like Angular, React, Node/Express, etc.


I began my speaking career as a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft and have loved it ever since. I’ve spoken and mentored at events across the nation and am always looking for new opportunities.


I’ve led workshops with custom content for students, startups, and professional developers across the country. On top of that, I’ve served as a mentor, panelist, and guest lecturer. I do all this because I love working with people and helping them learn new things.

Did I mention I run a YouTube Channel?!

Contact Me

I would love to connect with you. Reach out to ask a question, share a project, a new tool you love, or just to chat. You can message me on twitter at @jamesqquick