Hello World


As a developer, there's no other way to start something new than with "Hello World". Although I've blogged a ton in the past, this is the first post on my personal site. So, without further adieu...

Hi, I'm James Q Quick, and I am a Developer, Speaker, and Teacher!

You might be wondering about the second "Q". My middle name is Quentin. Q's are unique so why not embrace them! :)

Why I'm Here

So, what am I doing here? Although I have written tons of technical posts, I need an outlet for more soft skills/personal stuff. I can't expect someone else to publish material that only pertains to me and my experiences, can I? That said, I am going to be writing here two reasons.

  1. Let you get to know me better
  2. Share my experiences in the hopes that you get something out of it

I truly believe in building a community of learning, and I'm hoping these posts will help to foster that!

Learn Build Teach

Learn Build Teach is my motto and the name of my online platform where I create content on Web Development, Design, and Developer Tools. If you're looking for my more technical content, then head on over to LearnBuildTeach.com

Where to Find Me

If you're reading this post, then you've already found my personal site. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram. I am big in the development community in Memphis and speak at conferences across the country.