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Creating Javascript Popups

Popups are a very common way to get some sort of feedback from users.  Whether you want the user to acknowledge a message, confirm a decision, or provide some sort of input, you can find a solution using built in functionality in Javascript.  Although it might be...

Selecting the Last Matching DOM Node in Javascript

I've found that problems I come across and find solutions to at work would make for great blog posts, no matter how small.  At the very least, documenting it helps reinforce what I learned and gives me a reference to go back to (and hopefully a reference for you in...

What is UI Bootstrap?

Today at work, I came across a reference to UI Bootstrap in the web application I've been working on.  A teammate of mine had talked to me about it months ago, but I never took the time to understand when and why to use it.  In the afternoon, I spent about 30 minutes...

The Basics of Web Development

The realm of Web Development can incorporate so many different technologies, languages, etc. that it can certainly seem intimidating.  It really is a vast world, but the good thing is that most of it stems from the 3 core things, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  If you...

Hello World

As a developer, what better way to introduce myself than with a “Hello World”? The interesting thing is that this isn’t my first stab at this. In fact, I’ve actually been doing this for about three years.



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