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“It’s hard to define a person in one page, but here it goes”

  • Developer 80%
  • Entrepreneur 60%
  • Teacher 80%
  • Public Speaker 70%
In college, I found my passion for technology after building my first Mobile Application, a Harry Potter Trivia game with over 25K downloads. This was a pivotal time for me, one that transformed me from the every day consumer to a creator.  I no longer accept technology for what it is but focus on how I can innovate and improve it.  During my last summer in college, I took an internship with FedEx in my hometown of Memphis getting my first taste of real-world development experience.

After college, I joined Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist for three years, where I focused on Mobile Application, Game Development, and Cloud.  As a Technical Evangelist, I was fortunate enough to find my passion for teaching and public speaking.  I’ve taught sessions at New York University, Pace University, and Miami University as well as various conferences in New York, Boston, and Miami.  I’ve also worked with various initiatives for teaching Computer Science to younger students such as Code Interactive and ScriptEd.  As of November of 2016, I’m home in Memphis working for FedEx as a developer, focused on full-stack Web Development.


In my spare time, I’m here on my computer, learning and creating content in Web Development on my YouTube channel!

“Spend less time watching Netflix and more time doing the things that you love!”


I’ve built mobile and web applications, mobile games, and more.  I am now focusing on WordPress and Front-End Web Development.



I spend countless hours on Udemy, YouTube, etc. learning from others.  I invest my time learning, so that I can build and teach.


I take the things that I learn and share them with others.  I love being the reason that someone walks away learning something new.


From teaching in a classroom to a casual conversation, I want to be around people.  I learn more from being around different kinds of people.



Javascript. Node. Angular. Bootstrap. Wordpress. You name it.  If you are a current or aspiring web developer looking to learn more, then subscribe!  I will share the latest news and tutorials as well as exclusive assets.

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