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New YouTube Banner

Posted on November 7, 2017
James Quick, Social Developer

Over the past week, I’ve really been trying to solidify consistency in my personal brand.  I’m focused on moving forward with “Learn.Build.Teach” which, I think, does a great job of summarizing my goals. There are so many things that go into having a good brand: fonts, colors, graphics, etc, and I decided to start with a YouTube banner.

All of that said, one of my biggest weaknesses has always been design.  As crazy as it sounds, I simply don’t know how to make things pretty.  It’s funny, I’m great at building something if someone gives me a design before hand, but if you tell me to come up with the design myself…it gets rough.

So, knowing that I needed some help to really make the progress I’m hoping for, I reached out to Sep.  Sep was a student at Pace University in NYC who I worked closely with while at Microsoft.  He has an amazing eye for design and has been my go to guy for any design advice.  I really wanted to get some templates/graphics for my YouTube channel, so I did some research and sent him some rough ideas of what I was looking for.  He came back with updates to make everything looker cleaner, more modern, and just more appealing 🙂  If you want to learn more about Sep and check out his work,  take a look at his website.

Well, I’m well on my way.  I’ve got a new banner, templates for YouTube thumbnail, and transition images.  I’m super excited!!!!  Anyways, everybody take a good look at my new banner, and also check out my channel.


YouTube Banner

YouTube Banner



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