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Creating Javascript Popups

Popups are a very common way to get some sort of feedback from users.  Whether you want the user to acknowledge a message, confirm a decision, or provide some sort of input, you can find a solution using built in functionality in Javascript.  Although it might be...

What is UI Bootstrap?

Today at work, I came across a reference to UI Bootstrap in the web application I’ve been working on.  A teammate of mine had talked to me about it months ago, but I never took the time to understand when and why to use it.  In the afternoon, I spent about 30...

The Basics of Web Development

The realm of Web Development can incorporate so many different technologies, languages, etc. that it can certainly seem intimidating.  It really is a vast world, but the good thing is that most of it stems from the 3 core things, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  If you...

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